Getting to know the adidas Skateboarding Team

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Mark Gonzales

Mark Gonzales is in a world all his own, and he’s been there for the past thirty years. Trying to anticipate, or even keep up with his next move is next to impossible. His unpredictability has made him an enigma—a continuous story unraveling, one that we’ve become fascinated with. Coming up with a superlative to describe Mark is difficult; there’s no parallel in the world of skateboarding, and finding a comparison in any other sport is equally as impossible. But, if Olga Korbut and Bobby Fischer ever had a love child, and that child was raised by Muhammad Ali, then given life and art lessons by Pablo Picasso, you might be getting close—just maybe. He’s without doubt the greatest skateboarder that’s ever lived, and the most influential by a mile. Fifteen years on adidas, and a lifetime’s contribution to skateboarding, it’s The Gonz.

Dennis Busenitz

There’s only one way to really appreciate the skateboarding of Dennis Busenitz, and that’s to witness it firsthand. If you’re lucky enough to see him at any of his contest appearances or even at a demo, you’ll get to catch a glimpse of what makes him stand out. He’s a skater who goes against the grain, never following the lines of others, whether he’s hitting every obstacle a distinctive way at a contest, or blazing through the streets of San Francisco. Impossible to catch in still photography and a nightmare for any videographer to follow, Dennis Busenitz is refreshingly unpredictable in the occasionally predictable world of skateboarding.

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Silas Baxter-Neal

Silas Baxter-Neal has a near perfect resumé for a professional skateboarder: countless covers, quality video parts, TWS rookie of the year, Thrasher’s coveted SOTY award, these achievements have set this now seasoned pro apart. The latest feather in his cap is a much-anticipated part in TWS’s new video Perpetual Motion, out early this spring. It drops the same time as Silas’s new signature series clothing line on adidas, which represents Silas perfectly—a synthesis of classic outdoor clothing and the everyday apparel that Silas skates in.

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Lucas Puig

Lucas Puig might just be living the perfect dream, controlling his skateboarding career on his own terms and surrounding himself with the things he treasures the most—family and friends. In these days of viral videos, it’s possible to have a career anywhere. As long as you are producing footage and being seen, the rest will take care of itself. While he’s been on Cliché since he was just a kid, it was his part in Fully Flared that really elevated Lucas to new heights, and ultimately launched his career on the world stage. One of the newer members to the adidas global team, this loveable French rogue is as gifted as they come.

Rodrigo TX

Some of the greatest Brazilian sporting exports have not only been in soccer, along with the Samba boys Brazil has been churning out great skateboarders for all most two decades. On the top of that list is Rodrigo Teixeira, one of the fledglings in a modern generation of street skateboarding who helped define what we’ve become today. Easy going with one of the smoothest styles in the game, TX is the newest addition to the adidas Skateboarding Global Team.

Pete Eldridge

Anyone wondering how Pete Eldridge got his raw power may find a clue in the following interview. He cut his teeth on the streets of Philadelphia playing catch-up with Ricky Oyola. This foundation laid in the early ’90s, in one of skateboarding’s most influential cities, no less, has stood him in good stead. That no-frills East Coast style is still very much apparent today, even though he now calls the West Coast home and has just joined the ranks of France’s Cliché. It’s obvious Pete is comfortable anywhere he goes.

Benny Fairfax

Living a migratory life, Benny Fairfax has spent the last couple years flying from London to Los Angeles and back, in search of dry pavement, sunny sky, and the best of both worlds. Easy on the eye, and with a real smooth style all his own, Benny brings quintessential British variety to all the trips. There’s a sense of ease that comes with his laid-back personality, and it makes him an obvious choice to add to any skate adventure. Always down to hit the road and be part of all the shenanigans involved, he’s traveled extensively in search of spots all over the globe. Before this interview, he’d already been living out of a bag for three months— and you sense he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Nestor Judkins

Nestor Judkins is one of those unique skateboarders who is comfortable on his skateboard and in his surroundings, no matter where that may be. Schooled by some of the best in the business including Santa Cruz and enjoi, it was his rookie part in Transworld’s Hallelujah that put him well and truly on the skateboarding map. He has a smooth, clean style and is never afraid to jump into whatever skate session is going on. This once nomadic couch surfer is now calling New York City home.

Mark Suciu

Mark Suciu arrived in 2012 from out of the blue. Even though one of NorCal’s best kept secrets had been causing a stir with those in the know, it wasn’t until his Cross Continental part dropped like a bombshell that the rest of us got to see what the fuss was about. A viral sensation, the part has over six hundred thousand views and counting. Appealing in its simplicity, it’s something you can watch over and over again without it getting old. There are no gimmicks attached to Mark’s skating, it’s based on clean progression with a hint of past classics. The newest addition to the adidas team is a good shout for Am of the Year. The future is indeed bright.

Jake Donnelly

There’s a long list of East Coast skaters known for their power on the streets—must be something in the water helping them produce that kind of pop. That magic is in abundance within the new generation coming out of the East Coast. Leading the charge are skaters like Jake Donnelly, whose upbringing in the woods of Angola, New York, may be as far removed from your average skater as anyone could imagine. With spots limited, the focus on precise tricks has paid a high dividend for Jake, who’s proving once again that you can make it no matter where you come from.

Lem Villemin

Lem moved from Thailand to Germany at a young age. He’s now part of a new generation of European skateboarders giving the rest of the world a run for its money. At home on the streets of Stuttgart, he’s the one skater that always brings a good time to each session. Not one to take himself too seriously, Lem is nearing veteran status and refuses to grow up, which is a good thing. There’s a feeling that the best is yet to come from Lem, especially after his move to French board company Cliché—a perfect fit for one of the best skateboarders Germany has ever produced.

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