5 Minutes with Greg Lucci of Gourmet

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Lucci Gourmet

We recently caught up with Gourmet founder Greg Lucci to ask him how the brand started, the process of bringing a new style to the market and the inspiration behind their latest collection of footwear.

What are the foundations beneath the brand; how did Gourmet come about?

It was a merger of clothing, jewellery, and footwear. Merging beautiful, expensive things with beautiful non-expensive things that together complete one look with the underlining thread of American Italian culture.

Why the name Gourmet?

Because by definition, the word gourmet in general is about a better level of things and taste.

 In terms of personal as opposed to the business, what inspires and drives you?

My son, making a difference, and environments/surroundings; good ones and bad ones.

Take us through your usual day… What does it entail?

Wake up, play with my son. Gym. Coffee. Cig. Work. Coffee. Work. Cig. Coffee. Hang with my son and put him to bed.

From start to finish, how long does it take for a silhouette to come to fruition from the sketchbook pages to the shelves?

All are different. Some have taken one season on a design calendar while others have taken years.

Is it a conscious effort, or just a natural progression of the brand in relation to Gourmet’s unique silhouettes

I would have to say it is a little bit of both. Some things we continue to evolve which is conscious. Other things it’s purely our inspiration and conscious obligation to push the envelope.

You’ve used cork, scales and a vast selection of treated leathers; how do you source your materials? What do you look for when deciding what to use?

I got a guy, that’s got a guy, when it comes to materials. I like to find fabrications that aren’t based primarily in the category of footwear.  I look for things that are extremely untraditional.

What’s the theme behind this season’s collection?

Function times fashion times affordability

Finally, what’s next for Gourmet?

New footwear styles coming soon, exciting collaborations with close friends and family, and revisiting gourmet cut and sew in limited quantities


The latest Gourmet AW14 collection is now available online and in selected stores.

For more information on the brand please visit


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