Reebok & size? ‘Pastels Pack’ by The Rig Out

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Reebok Classics: ‘Give Me Your Classics And I’ll Show You The Future’

This new film from The Rig Out  is a celebration of an innovative and pioneering brand that truly shaped the destiny of modern sports performance, as well as British youth culture.

The film features the size? Worldwide Exclusive ‘Pastels Pack’ Classic and Workout+ in the ‘Purple Oasis‘, which is still available in selected stores and the ‘Sea Glass’, which is coming soon.

The film is a celebration of creative youth, a challenge to those who constantly harp on about the past and don’t take time to look around to the younger generation. Lets look to the independents and pioneers who are making music, creating great record labels, making flyers and magazines; in the process they are crafting their future as well as shaping ours.

It’s a challenge to the older generation to respect the craft and interests of the youth.

Video: Directed by Antony Crook of Ridley Scott Associates –  on location in Bolton and Manchester the home of Reebok. Cinematography by Lol Crawley and an original score by Illum Sphere (The film is to coincide with the launch of the Reebok Classics brand book on September 4th).

Photography: Shot by Joshua Gordon




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