The 22 steps of constructing a New Era 59FIFTY Cap

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Every 59FIFTY fitted cap that global headwear brand New Era creates takes just 22 steps from start to finish, and in turn, helps them reach their initial goal of producing cap perfection.  With a mixed production of cutting, stitching and detailed embroidery, the process used today is still as dedicated to high quality and craftsmanship as it was nearly 100 years ago.

Step 1: Using a machine, fabric is stretched out and hand-cut to the required measurements

Step 2: Once all parts are hand-cut, they are grouped together into each 59FIFTY fit

Step 3: Two front panels and two back panels are stitched together with a sewing machine

Step 4: A tape is lined up on the stitching in order to increase the seams durability

Step 5: Haircloth, a mesh material, is stitched onto the back of the front panels

Step 6: A tape is lined up again on the stitching of the haircloth, to increase the durability

Step 7: The fabric parts of the visor are stitched like a pocket and a plate is inserted

Step 8: To avoid the inserted plate moving, 8 arc stitching lines are stitched on

Step 9: The design on the front panel is embroidered on

Step 10: The front panel is treated again with a New Era original process to increase the durability

Step 11: On the upper part of the crown, eyelets are precisely placed and stitched for reinforcement

Step 12: The remaining 4 missing panels are stitched together, 2 on each side

Step 13: The 2 newly sewn side panels are then stitched to the front panel with the embroidered design

Step 14: A tape with 59FIFTY specific designs is then stitched on the inside

Step 15: Aligned to the centre of the front panel, the visor is then stitched on

Step 16: Once the overall shape is fixed, a sweatband is stitched in the inside of the crown

Step 17: The brand and size labels are then stitched on the rear part of the sweatband

Step 18: To stop any deformation, the outside of the crown is stitched up once more

Step 19: To complete the build phase, a button is punched on the top to join all of the panels

Step 20: Using a dedicated steam machine to get rid of any wrinkles, the well-known shape of the 59FIFTY is finally built up

Step 21: The finished caps are reviewed manually and only the ones which are confirmed with all the brands criteria get the sticker

Step 22: The traditional craftsmanship creates the timeless shape

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