Gol! An Exhibition for the World Cup

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With the World Cup now in full swing, artists and illustrators around the globe have also been getting in on the action, using the sport and athletes themselves as a new subject matter.  Manchester based Dave Sedgwick of Studio DBD has teamed up with Hey, a design collective from Barcelona in putting together Gol! An Exhibition for the World Cup.
 The project stems from a book the two teams have created, profiling facts and information about key players from each of the 32 participating teams. Designed in the style of their ‘Every Hey’ characters created in previous projects, the players have been stripped right back to basic shapes, using a few extra curves and angles to add some of their defining features to make them instantly recognisable.  These range from Mario Balotelli’s iconic mohican, to Christiano Ronaldo’s beaming grin, and Deandre Yedlin’s controversial hairstyle…


The full line up are currently on show on the walls of TwentyTwentyTwo, Manchester until 5th July.

Both the Gol! book and individual prints are available from TwentyTwentyTwo’s webstore. For more information please check here.

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