Air Jordan flashcards by Kevin Lyons

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Whether you are a fanatical footwear collector or have only recently acquired a taste, the iconic and celebrated signature Air Jordan series from legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, is not one to be taken lightly. Its 29-year strong collection has evolved from an experimental risk from Nike to become the largest and most sought-after signature range to date.

To celebrate his latest collection with British-based Ruff and Huddle, along with the first 20 ground-breaking Air Jordan silhouettes, artist Kevin Lyons has created a range of flashcards that will both refresh you on what the iconic Jordan’s look like and what your all-time favourite is, but they can also be used as a supplementary educational tool for your children.

The prints are set in plain black and white, and include each Air Jordan model from 1 to 20, as well as two title cards. Following the format of a traditional flashcard, these Air Jordan versions have a sketch of each silhouette in one side, and the corresponding number on the other.

While the Air Jordan flashcards are available HERE, you can check out what Kevin Lyons had to say about them himself below.


Why are Air Jordan’s important to you?

Jordan’s are pretty much the jumping off point of mass sneaker culture. They solidified the movement, the obsession, the full on culture. They also gave a true personality to sneaker collecting. Sure other athletes had pushed sneakers, but Jordan was the man. He represented the swagger and the style of inner city basketball and Hip-Hop culture. Shaved head, gold chains around the neck, and the tongues out on the shoes, it was way above the rim. It was like a perfect storm.

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You had the best athlete on the planet in Jordan, the greatest footwear designer ever in Tinker Hatfield, one of the smartest brands on the planet in Nike, the best young African-American filmmaker in Spike Lee and his character, Mars Blackmon, and the meteoric rise of Hip-Hop. All came together at the exact same time. Jordan’s represented a certain dress code of a new and emerging subculture. Plus not only were they the number one basketball shoe, but they were really good to skate in too.

Do your kids wear Air Jordan’s? If so do you remember which pair they had first?

Not really anymore. I have two girls who are now 12 and 8 and they are more Doc Marten/Chuck Taylor types now. But my first born definitely had 1’s and 11’s that I can remember, and probably a few others.

Did you set out for the AJ Flash Cards to be used by kids?

Yes. I definitely made these for kids and basically for ‘sneakerheads’ who have kids. I am happy that a lot of others have really responded to them as well, peers and older kids. But, they were originally made as authentic learning tools – kids can learn their numbers while getting a little history lesson in sneaker culture.

Lastly, what’s your favourite Nike Air Jordan model and colourway?

The Air Jordan 11 Lows in White/Light Grey and Cobalt.20140524-052053 pm-62453233.jpg

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