Lightning Bolt: A Pure Source

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Born on the sunny beaches of Hawaii in the summer of 1971, Lightning Bolt was created by Gerry “Mr.Pipeline” Lopez and fellow Pipeline Master and local surfboard shaper Jack Shipley. They embraced a radical change in surfing believing the boards could be crafted, sold and ridden in a better way than they currently were. Representing a core philosophy that surfing, in its truest form, is a way of life rather than just a sport, its iconic Bolt logo has endured through the years as a symbol that embodies the spirit of that mythical antihero.

Inviting backyard shapers from all over Hawaii to create a new form of surfboards, the brand completely redefined surfing. Pushing both the sport and the lifestyle that surrounded it, they moved away from the traditions of the past and exploded into a new frontier of progression. In an interview with Surfer’s Journal during the mid-70s, Shipley had explain that they were “simply seeking truth and honesty and  progress in making surfboards”, in turn creating a brand that embodied the ultimate symbol for big wave ‘ripping’, attracting the likes of Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew, Mark Richards, and Shaun Tomson.

Although the revolutionary era for surfing had helped grow Lightning Bolt into an iconic surf wear manufacturer, it slowly came to an end after only 13 years. Resurrected after nearly 40 years under water, and headed by surf veteran Jonathan Paskowitz, they continue to provide a collection of quality garments that is committed to the original ethos so aptly captured in its logo; A Pure Source.

Lightning Bolt Spring/Summer 2014 collection is now available both online HERE and in selected size? stores.

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