Introducing: Armor-Lux

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Presenting over 75 years’ worth of manufacturing history, Armor-Lux continues their long love affair with the bold striped clothing they have become famous for. Founded in 1938, the French-based brand is widely known for its nautical themed clothing even though their initial introduction into the fashion market wasn’t timed very well. Due to World War II there was a large shortage of cotton which slowed production, but once materials were more readily available again, they were back in business doing what they do best.

The famed Breton stripes that adorn a heavy portion of their collections had been originally introduction by French Law in 1858 to help locate any sailors that went overboard whilst at sea. In the decades after though, the iconic striped garments became popular and made their way into the commercial fashion world. These classic, timeless tops are just as well loved today as when they were being famously been worn by the likes of James Dean in the 1950’s and Jean Paul Gaultier in the 1980’s. They are now one of the only remaining Breton manufacturers to still be based in Brittany (the home of the Breton stripe), and still hold their heritage close to heart.

Armor-Lux is now available online HERE and in our Carnaby Street, Covent Garden and Paris size? stores.

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