Introducing: adidas Skateboarding

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The Skateboarding division of the famed global brand has been in motion for quite some time now, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down with its large range of styles featuring vulcanised and slip-on classics, to more technologically advanced models. Their roster of professional skaters over the years is even more impressive, including the legendary Mark Gonzales, Dennis Busenitz, Lance Mountain, Benny Fairfax, Mark Suciu and Silas Baxter-Neal to name just a few.

With the global team progressing through the ranks fast the two skaters that continue to stand out are Busenitz and Silas. There’s only one way to really appreciate the skateboarding of both, and that’s to witness it first-hand.

Dennis is a skater who goes against the grain, never following the lines of others, whether he’s hitting every obstacle in a distinctive way at a contest, or skating through the streets of San Francisco. Noted to be near-impossible to catch in still photography and a nightmare for any videographer to follow, Dennis Busenitz is refreshingly unpredictable in the occasionally predictable world of skateboarding.

Following suit in a similar fashion, Silas Baxter-Neal has a near perfect resumé for a professional skateboarder: countless covers, quality video parts, Transworld Skateboarding rookie of the year and Thrasher’s coveted ‘Skater of the Year’ award. His achievements have set this now seasoned pro apart from the rest.

You can check out each of the signature models, the recent Silas II and iconic Busenitz, online and in selected size? stores now, priced from £62 and in UK sizes 6 – 12.

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