Coming Soon: Clothing

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With our current ‘coming soon’ attention mainly focusing around our latest footwear releases, we thought we’d give you an insight into another area of interest; a blog post dedicated to some of the brand new textile lines we are due to land over the course of the next month.

Pulling a mix of both heavy and lighter garments from our sample room earlier this week made us slightly nostalgic for the warmer months to come back (not that we had many warmer months last year anyway!). With a selection of colourful cotton shirts, bags of all sizes from a selection of new brands we are happy to welcome and an bright summer colour palette of patterned cotton shirts and crewnecks. We are definitely sure the next few months are looking pretty strong on the textile front.

However, if none of the above are to your taste, we’ve got more in store for you which are due to land both online and in selected size? stores over the next few months, if you can wait that long?

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