ROOK Presents David Bo

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ROOK has recently recruited up-and-coming skater David Bo onto their tight-knit team and to celebrate they caught up with him for an interview. Known as the “Iceman” they talked about how he first got into skateboarding in Iceland, his influences and an unusual talent.

Check out their exclusive introductory video above and a few of our favourite questions from their recent interview below…


Name: David Mar Hafsteinsson, a.k.a. David Bo “Iceman”

How did you get your nickname? Caswell Berry started calling me “Iceman” during a skate tour we did for Slap magazine’s One In A Millionand it just kind of stuck. He couldn’t say my name so he called me “Iceman”. My real name in Icelandic is something that people can’t pronounce.

 Age: 22

Skating out of: Los Angeles.

When did you start skating? 12 years old.

How did you start skating? A couple weeks before I moved to America [after my mom married an American in Iceland], I saw this guy skating outside in the rain and thought it was coolest thing ever. After that I got really interested in it and since I was moving here it seemed more accessible because everybody here was doing it. I had no access to skateboarding in Iceland because everything is imported so not everybody was doing it. Boards were like $200. But I always had it imprinted in my mind that skateboarding was cool and that it looked fun and I thought I could do it because I have always been athletic.

First board? After we moved here, I begged mom for a skateboard so we went to Big 5 and she got me a banana board with the Juicy Fruit logo painted on it. It had plastic wheels and plastic trucks and only lasted for a couple weeks but I loved it.

Where do you like to skate? California is the dreamland for sure but Iceland is the best place to skate because there’s no concrete there so anything you can find is like magic. But it’s an oxymoron– you can’t skate there because there’s more haggard stuff but then again, I don’t like to skate something perfect that’s made for skateboarding. That’s why I like Iceland, everything is rough so you gotta be tough to be skate that kind of stuff.

Biggest Influence? Theotis Beasley. I’ve stayed on his couch and he got me to where I am. He’s the one I want be like the most.

What’s your daily routine? I skate Stoner plaza a lot, and try to film as much as possible. I’m still going to school for psychology but I’m also skating as much as possible. [I’m going full time with skating and fit school in there.]

What don’t people know about you? I am a certified hypnotherapist; that’s also how I make my money. I can enhance people’s capabilities by hypnotizing them and improving their lives through behavior modification.

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