OBEY in Málaga

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Earlier this year, Shepard Fairey, the man behind the globally known streetwear brand OBEY, was invited to Málaga in Spain to create a monumentally-sized mural in the centre of the rising art community. With help from his team Nic Bowers, Z Bomit, and Dan Flores, the 7 story mural was finished in only three days, giving them a chance to soak in the sights while stickering the desired surfaces.

Málaga has rarely been seen as an artistic city of Spain, but with an increasing number of exhibitions travelling through the Contemporary Art Centre and the area itself growing a large enthusiasm for street art, the OBEY crew along with a guest appearance from D*Face, were warmly greeted.

It’s good to see that Shepard is still focused hugely on creating a personality around the brand that took off at the start of the 21st Century, showcasing his populist views that have sat so well across the clothing collection on global structures, regardless of their initial intention.

Check out the Spainish adventure below, and our entire OBEY collection online HERE

Source: OBEY

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