REBLOG! A Conversation With Rob Myers of SLVDR

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Based in South California, SLVDR has constantly focused on timeless design and unquestionable attention to detail. When fused perfectly with the laid back inspiration hailing from growing up at the beach, by the mountains and empty backyard pools, the outcome is nothing less than attainable luxury. And the person behind it all is Rob Myers.

After several years of designing technical outerwear for the likes of Special Blend and Foursquare, Rob finally decided to launch his very own line, and SLVDR was born. Specialising in crafting quality surf-inspired menswear in an accessible price range, SLVDR’s success has seen it grow exponentially over the past couple of years. Hypebeast recently had the chance to sit down with him and learn more about the Southern California-inspired brand.


Can you introduce yourself?
Hello. My name is Robert Myers and I am the founder of SLVDR (pronounced sal-va-dor).

What was the reason for starting the brand?
I started SLVDR because I was looking for a new creative challenge. I had been designing technical snowboard outerwear for about 13 years and felt like I was sort of getting too comfortable. I thought I might go in to architecture as I nearly graduated with a degree in Environmental Design before changing to photography, but the thought of being an intern with a family to support did not make sense. I found there was void in the market for clothing with a subtle and slightly more mature design aesthetic that still had a youthful spirit. I decided to leverage my design experience and manufacturing relationships to make sportswear. Basically, I wanted to create product for people who’s attitudes land somewhere between street wear and designer. Salvador means “salvation” in Spanish and SLVDR became my design salvation.

How much of your inspiration is derived from your travels in your own backyard? 
I say that SLVDR was born in California and raised by the world. I grew up skating, surfing and snowboarding and that youthful energy and DIY attitude are the creative foundation for the brand. As I got older, and was fortunate enough to travel, I saw the beauty in different cultures and found inspiration from that variety. I really enjoy seeing how other environments and cultures effect how people present themselves and I try to pull some of that energy into my design.

What sort of cool movements do you see happening locally around your area? How does this influence the clothing you create?
I am inspired by the youthful and casual attitude that exists around here in Southern California. The cool movements I see happening are taking place all over: DIY companies in the Pacific North West, design and product driven companies in NY and socially conscious brands everywhere. I see people going out and taking their own direction and it inspires me to keep pushing forward with my concepts even though they might not already be established or accepted.

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