Introducing – Pendleton

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There are many brands around the world with rich heritage who are constantly looking at creating new forms of inspiration, ranging from new innovative technologies or a process of manufacturing materials that has been proudly followed for decades. With an incredibly large appreciation for the latter, we proudly welcome Pendleton into our extensive collection of performance and lifestyle-based brands.

World renowned for their painstakingly detailed and intricate patterns, the brand has been creating beautifully coloured and well made garments for over a hundred years, continuing their age-old industry defining legacy even today, when everything seems to be tech and performance driven. Their most eye-catching and well-known pieces are without a doubt the trademark Native American wool prints, first produced by the Pendleton Woolen Mills as basic and ceremonial blankets around 1909. At the time, they were created in association with local Native American communities and thus become enormously popular within the Nez Perce, Navajo, Hopi and Zuni nations, all situated in the Western states of America.

With a vision of presenting the drab and mundane woollen shirts of the early 20th Century with an injection of vivid colours and intricate patterns, Pendleton finally produced the legendary Virgin Wool Shirt in 1924, with a full collection following soon after in 1929. The quality of their garments hasn’t faulted over the years and with the introduction of their Autumn / Winter 2013 collection, it’s clear to see that this clearly carries through this traditional inspiration.

Premium pieces such as the Burnside Check Long Sleeved Shirt and the Santa Fe Jacket are now available online and in selected size? stores, along with our selected range of t-shirts, shirts and hoodies HERE.

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