Fila Vintage Autumn / Winter 2013

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Fila have always had a close relationship with leading athletes from a variety of sports such as tennis, basketball, gold and football. As well as their celebrated achievements in their respective sports, they have also been remembered from the unique designs created by the Italian-born sports brand, such as the iconic track top and polo shirt.

Originally founded in 1911, it wasn’t until the 1970s and 1980s that Fila really established itself as an iconic supplier of casual and sports clothing, with a massive help from the football terrace culture and cult films such as The Firm and The Business. But it wasn’t just the huge following from football fans that credited the brand, tennis legends such as Boris Becker, Ivan Lendel and Bjorn Borg helped epitomise the vintage styles throughout the sporting world, that are still relevant today.

For their Autumn / Winter 2013 collection, Fila have reintroduced iconic pieces like the Settanta Track Top, classically styled Matcho Polo Shirt and the popular Micky Kagool Jacket that had all been worn over the terraces during the eighties. All of these classic styles are now available online and in selected size? stores, priced between £30 and £65.

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