adidas Originals Collector’s Project

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The adidas Originals Collectors Project is an ingenious story between the iconic German sportswear brand and its most dedicated collectors from around the world. All five collectors; Sneaker Queen from Germany, Ralf Tiitanen from Finland, Robert Brooks from the UK, Mr Magara from Japan and DJ Operator Emz from the US, were all taken on an unforgettable, once in a lifetime journey to the adidas Head Quarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, and the sacred adidas footwear achive – a place that many can only dream of.

As well as reminiscing about deadstock releases from the past and ultimately sharing their thoughts and knowledge on the brand, they were also given the opportunity to rework their favourite archive silhouettes for a highly exclusive release. Whilst  Germany’s Sneaker Queen, who chose to work with the Rivalry Hi to express her love of ‘80s hip-hop culture, and Harlem-based DJ Operator Emz who took on the Pro Model ‘80s due to his childhood memories in New York, selected styles that were more personally attached, it seemed that the three remaining collectors took a slightly different approach to the task.

Mr. Magara took to the challenge presented to him by adidas like a kid in a candy store and picked the basic, but innovative Country. Finnish-born Ralf Tiittanen handpicked the highly-popular, yet rarely seen Bahamas model to reignite his passion for the modest, simple and more cultured styles. And finally Robert Brooks of the UK took upon the ZX550, a 1986 runner that he had searched the world for until recently.

With more information about the collection soon to be supplied by the brand in the near future, be sure to keep an ear to the ground and your eye on our social pages to be the first on this extraordinary collection.

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