Into the Mind presented by The North Face

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Makers of critically acclaimed ‘All.I.Can’, Sherpas Cinema now presents a story of rising to the ultimate challenge, having the courage to risk fatal exposure and the perseverance demanded on the quest for achievement. A story of not only outstanding physical feats, but the mental conquests encountered.

From the creators of the award winning film “All.I.Can”, Sherpas Cinema and outerwear giant The North Face now presents their latest feature film, Into The Mind. With a combination of stunning cinematography and ground-breaking storytelling techniques, the Sherpas blur the lines between dream state and reality, and immerse you into the mind of a common skier as he attempts to climb and ski the ultimate mountain. Innovative athlete segments are actually a glimpse into his dreamscape, each one harbouring messages that help inform our hero’s current, real-life choices.

As this teaser videos takes us through the majestic landscapes of Alaska, Bolivia and the Himalaya to name a few, ‘Into the Mind’ paints a philosophical portrait of human kind, and showcases how we balance risk versus reward.

Check out the extremely visual video above and our new range of The North Face garments online HERE

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