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Continuing our on-going weekly collection of comments, we take a look at what our varied followers have focused their opinions on, whether it be our latest Nike Air Max Light exclusives or OBEY’s Autumn 2013 collection.


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#1 – The Nike Mayfy will be launching this coming Friday 30th August …

“@Archie Harkness: Did Steve Wonder’s PA women snap these all up?? Possibly the only legitimate reason for them ‘selling out’..”


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#2 – Supra presents the mid-top Falcon as part of their latest Desert pack…

“@scottmertin: Pure CAF man whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit”


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#3 – Check out our latest exclusive Nike Air Max Light to be released this coming…

“maxatrillionn: Anyone want to buy a kidney? Good condition, well looked after.”


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#4 – Last week’s Picks of the Week – Publish Reza Floral 5 Panel…

“@powerfuled: Will you be getting any publish joggers @end_clothing

@darthbarms: Will you be getting the air Jordan V oreo?

@djprim: @sizeofficial will you be getting some Bourbons from Asda?”


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#5 – BLOG! Lyle & Scott Autumn / Winter 2013 Collection ‘Drop 1’..

“@2girls1joe: Listen yeah I ordered yesterday and it hasn’t come yet. What’s going on?

@bluntskaters: Calm down man, if you ordered something yesterday, the most likely scenario is that they are packaging it shipping it out. You aren’t their own customer you f*** @2girls1joe

@2girls1joe: Chill your s*** boy @bluntskaters

@wavybaby999: You both need a snickers

@tee_pett: Handbags”

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