Gourmet Presents ‘The Cork Pack’

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Cork has been used in hundreds of different ways for centuries. For example in Italy the use of cork dates back to the 4th century BC where it has been traced on artifacts including floats, stoppers for casks, women’s footwear and roofing materials.

For Autumn 2013 this rich history inspired Amercan footwear brand Gourmet to apply Italian multi-colored inlayed cork to their 35 Lite LX and Cinque 2R silhouettes.  The versatility of cork has enabled them to embody both the spirit of style and function, traits that have been very important to the Gourmet Team since the beginning.

Seasonally inspired by Italian craftsmanship and style, Gourmet presents The Cork Pack, featuring the 35 Lite LX and Cinque 2R, both of which are available HERE.

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