Comments of the Week

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We continue our weekly collection of comments and a view into the hundreds of diverse opinions featured across our social channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check out our favourites below and keep an eye out for more to come..

#1 – Nike Air Max Terra 180 – Twitter

‘@JLT_LFC: Hey @sizeofficial if I get these tattooed across my face will you give me a 25% discount ?’

#2 – Q & A: Everything you need to know about our footwear releases – Twitter

‘@jeremycharles4: @sizeofficial how do I go about ordering a pair of trainers (releases tomorrow @ 6am) online?’

20130825-095232 AM.jpg

#3 – Nike Air Max Light Teaser

Instagram – ‘@mothecomedian: Just take my money, just bloddy take it@sizeofficial’

Facebook – ‘Henele Taufalele: Whoever thinks these are Huaraches is an idiot’

#4 – New Balance just landed their latest tonal suede M565, priced at £70 – Instagram

‘@roberta_berta: @aliceray29 oh look I appear to have exactly £70…’

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