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Having not only enjoyed the past fortnights worth of comments, but gladly welcoming the next collection of open opinions, we continue onto our third week of social comments. With such a vast array of comments shared by our growing community, you can understand that it was no easy task, but please see below for our hand-picked favourites and keep your ear to the ground for more to come..

#1 – Brixton’s first selection of garments from their Autumn collection has just landed online and in selected stores – Instagram
‘@harry_white_87: Dem Peckham man gun be pissed ya’nar fam..’

#2 – Nike Air Max Terra 180 Quickstrike COMING SOON – Instagram
‘@ifollowthehype: I need to delete my Instagram throw my iPhone In the Thames, sell all my trainers, migrate to the Middle East and just wear socks and sandals!! Can’t handle the trainer game anymore!’

#3 – Nike Air Max Terra 180 Quickstrike COMING SOON – Facebook
‘Elvis Kinevil: 180’s more return than a box of tesco burgers.’

#4 – Nike Air Huarache – Navy/Royal/Green – Facebook
‘Jason Carlos Murphy: If Jar Jar Binks was a shoe….’

#5 – OUT NOW! Nike Air Max OG QS ‘Tape Pack’ – Instagram
‘@jezzarainbird: But what is it?

@nice_nike: It’s tape

@jezzarainbrd: Yeah but what’s it for? Taping up sneakers? Appreciate I sound pedantic but I don’t get it

@thisguy_55: it’s a new type of upper (ie engineered mesh, Hyperfuse, flyknit)

@jezzarainbird: Ahhh. Thanks all. I’ll take them!!’

#6 – BLOG! The Artist is Present: Jay Z as Fine Art – Facebook
‘Abs Olute: That looks like cat from red dwarf! Jay z my arse’

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