Skateboarding in India by Levi’s: Part 3

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Following on from parts 1 &2 last week, we are now presented with the third and final episode from Levi’s “Skateboarding in India” series. With the crew, consisting of well-known professional skateboarders such as Stefan Janoski and Omar Salaza, ramp builders and various local enthusiasts at hand, the first free public use skate park in Bangalore, India was finally finished.

Nicknamed “The Epic Build” by the locals, the entire project will be able to support the local shops, enthusiastic individuals and finally the growing communities that are entrenched in the skateboarding culture. Since opening the park has been captivating the area in creativity, offering skateboarding lessons – and even English classes, showcasing a true testament to the passion linked with the sport.

Check the final short video above, parts 1 & 2 on our blog HERE, and finally our selection of Levi’s available online – HERE

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