Nike Skateboarding presents the Paul Rodriguez 7: Big Impact

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In the concrete jungles of Los Angeles, those who want a glimpse of skaters in their natural habitat must rely on the one and only Dick McNichol, tour guide extraordinaire for the illustrious Skate Safari Tours.

Skate Safari Tours offers a snappy seven-hour tour of the most iconic skate spots in the wilds of downtown L.A. McNichol, the dedicated but somewhat aloof guide, shuttles tourists through the skaters’ environments pointing out famous spots and hoping for sightings of pro skaters.

We join the ride as the bus begins to make its rounds. While MicNichol is too caught up in self-importance, Nike SB pros Gino Iannucci, Shane O’Neill, Theotis Beasley, and Eric Koston make their cameos. Doing double duty is the one and only Paul Rodriguez, who appears in sandwich-board disguise and reappears as himself completing a perfect switch hardflip down a triple-set of stairs, done in signature P-Rod style — in the new Paul Rodriguez 7. Take a look and see what “big impact” is all about.

The Nike Paul Rodriguez 7 will be available in selected size? stores and online during the next couple of months – please check out our social pages and Coming Soon section for release information.

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