Inside the world of trainer resellers with ABC News

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All over the world, trainers have become not only an sports or lifestyle specific product, but instead an item that can be collectable, traded and sold at high prices. It’s not new to hear that people have queued for days on end just for a pair of trainers, whether it’s the new Kayne West designed Nikes (Yeezy 2 ‘Red’ anyone?) or cork-infused LeBron’s that most will keep in the box.

For some, these new releases will be added to their collection for the status, for the fame that comes along with owning a pair and for others they will love wearing something that no one else can say they own. For a small group though, it’s all about the money that can be made by selling these rare styles for sometimes triple their original value, eventually helping the creation of events such as America’s ‘Sneaker Con’ and London’s Crepe City.

In this short video, America’s ABC News, follows a young “Sneakerhead” as he buys and sells various limited silhouettes to ridiculous amounts of money, as well as a guest appearance from our good friend DJ Clark Kent, giving us a small insight to why buying one of the latest releases to keep for yourself, is getting harder and harder.

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