NEW BRAND: Majestic Athletics

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In 1976, a small knitwear company by the name of Majestic Athletics started producing baseball jersey for their local college teams around the area of Tampa, Florida. After many years and various national teams being added to their roster, Majestic now supply customers all around the world with authentic and credible garments, with the classic baseball jersey being one of the more popular items.

Having earned the rights for Major League Baseball, as well as the National Football League and National Hockey League, they quickly applied the simple aesthetics featured across all of their sports collections onto their newly branded lifestyle range. The 2013 Summer series carries the same traditionally-inspired emphasis from previous collections, focusing heavily towards a combination of contemporary streetwear, along with characteristic heritage styling.

The Official On-Field MLB Jersey range, which is still handmade in the same factory in Tampa with the team that have grown up making Majestic sportswear, is now available online and in selected size? stores. Each of the jersey featured in the range are classically fitting and will normally size up for standard fitting, to create a more authentic feel. So if you’re looking for a Medium, we suggest you grab a Small.

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