Rav Matharu aka Clothsurgeon

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During designer Rav Matharu’s final year of studies back in 2007, his vision of Clothsurgeon was quickly taking shape, and in October 2012 he had already opened as a business where the first collection was launched. Constructed of various streetwear aesthetics, Rav is also generically modifying the mens wardrobe as we know it, through the use of inventive detailing, a vast collection of high end materials and clean silhouettes. Production is based in London, England, and the samples are hand-made by Clothsurgeon from start to finish, a method that is rarely seen in this modern industry today.

The quality that is included into every garment, from the fabrics and construction to the custom fit of every piece, is something that brand prides itself on hugely, utilising their skilled methods in every step of the making process. Starting with an initial drawing, to finally creating the desired piece from the clients chosen fabrics and trims, every aspect contributes each of their one-off pieces. Whether it’s an additional detail, such as a hidden seam pocket, to an existing silhouette already used by Clothsurgeon or a completely new shape, all is possible.

This unlimited design element has become such a rare beauty that they have already worked on projects with the likes of A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross, Tinie Tempah, Nas and magician Dynamo, all boasting unique characteristics and all catering to everyone’s needs.

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