size? x Nike Air Max Reinvented: Air Max 180 – the history

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An underrated classic. In spring 1991, the Nike Air Max 180 was released. This revolutionary shoe contained 50% more air than previous Air Max models. Nike went one step further by displaying this technology through a visible protective outsole. The Air 180 was only around for a year, even though Nike supported its launch with a huge TV advertising campaign involving high-profile filmmakers and directors.

The low-cut version of the Air Force 180 was worn by NBA star Charles Barkley at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

During 1991-1992, a variety of colour ways were produced. The most desirable colours out there are the original men’s colour and the Europe-only women’s white/crimson/magenta. The Olympic Air Force 180 is regarded as the best Air 180 shoe ever.

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