size? x Nike Air Max Reinvented: Air Max 90 – the history

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Following on from the revolutionary Air Max 1, a silhouette that had no equal when first released, the Nike Air Max 90 took all the radical aesthetics that were originally included by Tinker Hatfield and evolved them in various ways. Blending and mixing colours throughout, Hatfield set out to produce a unique, fast and ultimately an aggressive looking runner that advanced on from its older brothers, the Air Max 1 and Air Max Light (initially titled the Air Max II).

The Air Max III – as it was originally known until being reissued and renamed in 2000 – featured the daring and now legendary infrared coloured midsole section that was chosen to exaggerate the thickness of the Visible Air unit. Not only was the bubble in the heel something to grab your attention, but the new thermo-plastic multi-lace ports and oversized branding on the heel were aspects that just couldn’t go unnoticed.

In every way, Hatfield created a revolutionary model with the Air Max 1, but when he created the Air Max 90 he was paving the way for a future of Visible Air, an unrivalled form of running that has still yet to be surpassed.

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