50 things you didn’t know about The Hundreds

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Complex is at it yet again, creating lists and dropping knowledge like no other online magazine available, and this time they’re presenting us with a full host of facts that you might not know about the West Coast streetwear brand, The Hundreds.

After ten years, co-founders Bobby and Ben Hundreds have grown their once niche brand into the global name that we all know today, but there are a couple of things that they have kept secret (or low-key should we say), that is until now. Check out a couple of our favourite facts below and the full article on Complex – HERE!


– The “Invisible Crew” lookbook from Summer 2006 was conveived because The Hundreds couldn’t afford models.

– The “Johnson” silhouette is named after basketball player ‘Magic’ Mike Johnson.

– Before opening their NYC store, The Hundreds did a campaign centered around the idea of people hating the brand.

– “Adam Bomb” is the name of an exisiting Garbage Pail Kids character.

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