Undefeated 2013 Spring/Summer collection

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Undefeated have always been the host to the simple Californian style with a sports-infused twist, and from the latest collection you can see that their legacy is still quite intact. Ever since 2001 designers and co-founders Eddie Cruz and James Bond have had the aspiration of creating a brand that gives back to the community, whether it’s sponsoring local up-and-coming boxers to including artists work across their garments.

Combining heavy fleece sweatshirts, detailed caps along with a range of premium t-shirts, UNDFTD features an updated collection of classic bold graphics branded on simple colours that easily defines the West-Coast clothing company for what it really is, a hard slap in the face with some proper good, old school flavour.

Our selection from the Undefeated 2013 Spring/Summer collection is now available online and in selected size? stores.

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