adidas presents: Visionaries part 1 – Mr.Omori

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Adi Dassler’s vision was to provide every athlete with the best footwear for his or her respective discipline to help him or her get better, faster and stronger. This principle guided Dassler through his career until his death in 1978.  Since then the baton has been passed on to craftsmen, athletes and masters, who have shaped the adidas brand under Dassler’s original principles for the past three decades. In a series of films, adidas focuses on these ‘visionaries’ who have fashioned the path of the brand into what we know it as today.

With the popularity in technical running footwear ever increasing, adidas delves into a day in the life of Mr.Omori for the first of the films in the series. The master craftsman began working for adidas in 1999 bringing his techniques of hand cutting shoe patterns which helped create innovative shoes such as the adizero family. Mr.Omori’s dedication to his work attracted attention from all over the world, helping create shoes for legendary athletes for over 50 years. This intimate glimpse into his life documents his unique approach to his work and how in today’s mass production world, traditional hand crafted techniques still have an integral place.

Keep an eye out for more short films in the adidas Visionaries series to follow.

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