NEW BRAND: Publish Brand

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It’s been a while since a new brand has joined our family and we’re happy to announce that Publish Brand is the first of many to grace us with their presence for 2013. The Los Angeles-based streetwear brand first started life aspiring to redefine the daily life of fashion, delivering premium and timeless garments influenced by utilitarian styles.

Ever since, Publish Brand have delivered each piece with classic forms in mind, with the principle of allowing the collection to breathe as a whole. With premium cut & sew pieces and subtle patterns taking the main stage, the latest collection is an assortment of classic American-styled garments presented in a range of muted colours from navy and brown to the more colourful pops of red and tan, seen on the selection of headwear which will be available soon.

To celebrate the arrival of the new collection, entitled ‘Artisans United’, we sat down with Publish Brand and asked them a few questions:

size? – What were you main inspirations for this collection?

Publish Brand – The inspiration for Spring 13 was the concept of mixing classic American staple pieces with modern fit and functionality. We wanted to update pieces that we love to wear.

? – What got you to where you are now?

PB – Important turning points and influential people. We all come from various different fashion backgrounds and learned a lot from our mistakes. Everyday we push the envelope to make our brand better. Major turning point was in 2012 when our business grew exponentially and we saw how many people around the world who wore our clothing. It was a humbling experience.

? – What has been you most happiest moment during the life of Publish Brand?

PB – Our first collection. We had to start somewhere and we are still very hard of it till this day. People automatically saw it and viewed it as a brand who thought outside of the box.

? – Patterns have made a big presence within the previous collections, can you explain what inspired you to include these specific ones and why?

PB – Most of our clothing pieces are updated basics. We wanted to add something to make pieces stand out in a crowded world. We are huge fans of POP, meaning tonals with prints. It works for everyone.

? – Do you have a place or a person that inspires you with new ideas for designing a new range or item?

PB – We look to the past to get our brains in motion for design. Various world armies, classic sports figures, and old school musicians.

? – What would be your dream collaboration?

PB – Since we do not make shoes, we would love to work with a powerhouse like Nike or Visvim. It would be such a honor.

? – Shout outs to the people who have helped you get to where you are now?

PB – Shout outs to anyone who has touched, looked, bought, and supported publish from day one and beyond. Today for Tomorrow!

The Publish Brand Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is available from our Carnaby Street, Leeds, Paris and online stores now.


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