Introducing – adidas BOOST technology

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Last week we were lucky enough to be invited by adidas to New York City for the unveiling of its latest running silhouette, Energy Boost. Part of a new brand division entitled Energy Running, the shoe features BOOST™, a revolutionary cushioning system that provides the highest energy return rate of any running footwear on the market.

Designed to increase the wearers energy levels for sustained durance, BOOST™ combines performance benefits that adidas feel have been contradictory in the past: soft cushioning and responsiveness working together at last to give runners a running experience unlike any other.

So what is BOOST™ and how does it increase energy levels? Well, BOOST™ technology is centred on its cushioning material. Based on a development process created by adidas partner BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, solid granular material (TPU) is blown up and turned into thousands of small energy capsules which make up the shoe’s distinctive midsole. With their unique cell structure, these capsules store and unleash energy more efficiently in every stride. Tests conducted by the adidas Innovation Team show that this highly durable material provides the highest energy return compared to any other products in the running industry.

BOOST™ not only provides the highest energy return in the industry, it also holds its performance in almost any condition at unparalleled levels. The adidas Innovation Team tested how the BOOST™ foam material reacted in a variety of temperatures compared to standard EVA foam, which is commonly used in most running shoes. These tests revealed that, when taken from +40 to -20 degrees Celsius, BOOST™ foam is three times more temperature-resistant than standard EVA material, providing a more consistent run.

Whilst the overall look/shape of the Energy Boost may not be to everyone’s liking, you have to remember that this shoe is very much about function over fashion and we for one are excited to see how it and BOOST™ technology as a whole will develop going forward. Expect to see it on other performance models within the adidas running portfolio later in the year.

adidas Energy Boost will be available in limited numbers online and from our Carnaby St, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Paris stores on Wednesday 27th February in sizes 3 – 12 (UK), priced at £110.

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