REBLOG! Paul Rodriguez Life: League Matters Episode 3, Part 2

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What seems like a regular occurrence in recent weeks, Paul Rodiguez’s Life series has been keeping a close eye on him whilst visiting his home town, going head to head in the Battle at the Berrics, and we now see him keeping busy at Rob Dyrdek’s skateboarding competition League Matters. In Part 1 of this episode, we witnessed P-Rod work through qualifiers with a succession of smoothly performed tricks, both on the street course and the big section. This time round, he’s going for the title spot!

Even though his warm-up is a bit sketchy in parts, he puts on a good show to a huge Kansas City crowd which even includes Lil’ Wayne in the front row. Check out the video below to see if Rodiguez or rival Nyjah Huston is crowned champion after their final runs.


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