Converse Ink @ size? Carnaby Street

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Customising trainers has always been a way for us to stand out from the crowd, to create something that is as individual as ourselves. First it was the b-boys of the 70s switching up their laces, graffiti artists adding a touch of colour to those plain whites, adding whatever colour you could think of to your favourite pair of runners and now the original basketball shoe is stepping into the limelight.

Due to the simplistic nature of the Converse Chuck Taylor and the vast amount of colours available, it has always been a top choice for professional and amateur customisers alike. But some of us don’t have that creative touch and even though we’ll have the initial idea, we might never be able to apply it the way we want.

That’s where Converse Ink steps in. Located on one of the world’s most famous streets, Europe’s solus Converse store is housed comfortably within our Carnaby Street shop offering up a range of designs and accessories for your Chucks. You can pick which shoes you’d like to start off with, then start being creative with the help of one our maestros using a single graphic or layer them up to create something new.

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