Marjolein Caljouw – Pencil on paper

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Recently there has been a continual abundance of inspirational art that has caught our attention from the likes of New York graffiti to illustrative pencil drawings, and we’ve decided to share the latter in the form of Marjolein Calijouw. Based in the Netherlands, Marjolein is a young artist who has gained a large internet following, resulting in her work being featured in a number of exhibitions, on the covers of magazines and books, as well as being featured on numerous amounts of creative websites.

Using a range of materials such as oil paints, colour pencils and Adobe Illustrator, Marjolein creates a narrative of funny, sad and special moments including imaginative characters which can be viewed from an array of perspectives. Whether it’s a recognisable female model, fantasy-style floral sketch or a wall painting, it’s easy to see that her style is unique and very detailed amongst the art available today.

Check out our favourite pieces of her work below, and her personal site and blog here..

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