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In the last week, we’ve found quite a few pieces of art and exciting new subjects that we thought would be worth your attention, ranging from the thinnest house in the world to a real-life indoor cloud. See below for our latest finds from the art world..

First we present the stunning new Lytro camera. By capturing the entire light field – all the rays of light travelling in every direction through a scene – the Lytro camera lets you focus in on any part of the original image. Click through the link to experience it yourself otherwise you won’t believe it’s real. (Lytro)

Next we see the Gabriele Croppi’s take on New York with his ‘Metaphysics of an Urban Landscape’ series. Utilising black and white photography in a very graphic style, Croppi presents genuine images taken in and around the Big Apple. (mashKULTURE)

Bristol is the host of our next subject, featuring the very unique Shy Fountain by artist Simon Faithful. The fountain only exists when no-one is around and uses a set of motion sensors dotted around the base so that when the viewer tries to approach, the fountain and it’s lighting switches off. But it will cautiously reappear if the viewer stays still again, so if you’re in Bristol, make sure to creep up on it. (Bristol Culture)

Dutch artist Berndaut Smilde created a series of indoor clouds earlier on this year and even though the photographs look photoshopped in some way, they are in fact real. Created in a specially heated room, these surreal objects only last a number of seconds before disappearing, but amaze none the less.

At just 4foot wide, the world’s thinnest house is next on our list. Located in Warsaw, Poland, the house was created by architect Jakub Szczesny and designed for the artistic community. But as it is only small, Polish housing regulations have deemed it suitable to live in for only 7 days at a time. (dezeen)

Last is the newest exhibition named Imaginary Friends, from New York-based artist KAWS. Held in the Paris gallery of Galerie Perrotin the show includes a number of canvases and the over-sized sculpture of his well-known COMPANION, which has been seen across the globe earlier on this year. (HUH)

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