Crepe city – 6th edition

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At various times of the year, groups of collectors join forces under one roof and create what we’ve come to know as Crepe City. With trainers of all sizes, various brands and from all different eras being sold, it’s no wonder that in its third year there’s been a massive response and great interest to keep it running. Held within its usual surroundings of Bar Music Hall, situated at the heart of East London, this edition was host to over 30 stalls selling rare models for between £20 and £650, with people queuing outside for over 2 hours long.

After the rain had settled and all the sellers had finished setting up their stalls, the masses were allowed in to haggle over the original prices on offer. Within an hour of opening, the venue was nearly at its maximum capacity, with at least 150 people waiting outside and even more still to come. The atmosphere held its own all day long, with the DJ blasting out tunes from past and present and attendees helping each other out to discover their own personal ‘holy grail’ of sorts, creating what we can easily say has been the best Crepe City so far.

Check below for photos during the event and a wide selection of shoes that were available.

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