Milkcrate Athletics

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Streetwear brand Milkcrate Athletics was founded in the US city of Baltimore, Maryland, by DJ Aaron LaCrate. Credited for popularising the music and culture from that area of America on a world-wide level, Aaron LaCrate is well-known for his work in music production and paid a big part in the early success of Lily Allen, Spank Rock and more recently, Eliza Doolittle. LaCarte owes a lot of his success to his technical ability and well-balanced style of DJing as well as his fashion designs created for Milkcrate Records and the Milkcrate Athletics clothing brand.

After interning for Def Jam Recordings and Roc-A-Fella Records, as well as helping launch Jay-Z’s classic Reasonable Doubt album, LaCrate went onto sponsor a series of live shows in NYC featuring acts such as A Tribe Called Quest, Eminem, Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan & Outkast. Since, the Milkcrate Athletics label has been worn by numerous artists and has collaborated with some of the Worlds biggest brands, including Coca-Cola, Ferrari, Vans, XLARGE, Jay-Z, Colette Paris and New Balance.

For their latest collection, Milkcrate Athletics present a range of pieces, many of which feature the brand’s famous logo in white and black. Standout pieces include a t-shirt collaboration with Mobb Deep, produced to celebrate the release of a joint venture mixtape which can be download here.

Milkcrate Athletics, a second generation streetwear brand after the likes of Supreme and Stussy, is one of the last original underground Hip-Hop clothing labels obtainable today and is available from our Carnaby Street and online stores now.

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