Addict x Mishka collaboration series

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Independently owned British streetwear brand Addict has always produced high end garments ever since its establishment in 1994. Producing pieces for themselves and through collaborations with famous artists, musicians and other clothing brands – including Vans, G-Shock, Disney (Bloc28 and Tron), Lucusfilm (Star Wars) – , Addict have even worked with artist Syd Mead, the Visual fururist responsible for the concept art in 1980s film, Blade Runner, which stared Harrison Ford. For their latest partnership, Addict teams up with New York-based streetwear firm Мишка, better known as “Mishka” or “Bear Club” in Russian.

Mishka was founded by Mikhail Bortnik and Greg “Mishka” Rivera in 2003, and quickly adopted a unique style along with the high quality and original designs that are quite unlike any other in the industry. They have embraced a niche style with quirky logos like the ‘Keep Watch’ eyeball, ‘Death Adder’ bear and the ‘Cyco Simon’ Cyclops skull mascot, which has helped the brand broadened their audience whilst bringing them more and more creative inspiration across the globe.

The collection between the two has spawned 3 collaborative designs, which utilise popular aspects from both sides, including the Hooded Death Adder t-shirt and Lamour t-shirt – which features the creative talents of artist, Lamour Supreme.

The Addict x Mishka collaboration series is available now from selected size? stores and online, priced at £30.

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