Staff Style (Edition #4) – Covent Garden

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After a long absence, Staff Style is back with Editon #4! Check it out after the jump…

Name: Lucy Pascoe

Position: Sales Assistant

Time at size?: 2 short years, mostly spent down in Plymouth and the rest in Covent Garden.

Favourite shoe: Has to be the Nike ‘Valentine’ Air Max 95. Just wish I would’ve bought them at the time!

Place to be in London: Seven Dials! There’s always a mix of friendly people, loads of cool stores full of niche items. Shoreditch is always worth a visit, but can get busy over the weekend.

Current likes: I’m really into the Nike Roshe Runs at the moment, mainly due to it being a really comfortable shoe, one that stands out against the other standard offerings. Another favourite has to be Parra! I love what has come out of that brand in the past, just a shame about how it’s ended.

What are you wearing?: PUMA States ‘Shadow Society’ which is a very comfortable and easy to wear with a lot of stuff, as well as being bright, leopard tights and the classic Parra tee in white – as I said, I love Parra and I’m definitely getting some of the Stussy colabs that have been released earlier this year.

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