Filthy Luker: ‘Space Invaders’

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Not one of our typical posts but still one we thought worth sharing with you….

Street artist Filthy Luker’s large-scale ‘art attacks’ have earned him international notoriety. Famed for bizarre installations like  a curious pair of ogling eyes that occupied the space next to the walkway between the John Peel Stage and the Dance Village at Glastonbury, to ‘octopied’ buildings as far and wide as Taiwan.

For his latest creation, in collaboration with Red Stripe – a creative initiative from the Jamaican beer brand – Filthy Luker has transformed hoardings around Manchester’s Town Hall into a huge urban-art version the retro arcade classic, Space Invaders.

“I’ve been obsessed with making art from street furniture for quite some time and had noticed the similarities between these road barriers and the classic invaders” says the art-attacker. Complete with LED lights transforming the installation into a fully operable game, Filthy Luker’s creation is active now until May.



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