Diadora – ‘return of a legend’

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Summer 2012 sees the welcome return of Italian sportswear brand Diadora to size? and to celebrate over the coming weeks we’ll be posting regular updates on the history of one of the worlds most iconic brands and their offerings for the coming season.


Diadora was established by Marcello Danieli in Caerano di San Marco, in the Montello area of the Montebelluno foothills of northern Italys Veneto region, in 1948.

In the early years, the brand specialised in the manufacture of boots and equipment for mountaineering/hiking and other related pursuits and soon established a reputation in Italy due to the high standard of product they produced.


Over the coming decades Diadora focused more and more on the production of premium sportswear products, honing their skills on competitive and non-competitive sports and leisure activities and successfully bridged the gap between performance-based and trend-led training footwear.

Renowned for their technical excellence and classic Italian styling, we’re proud to announce the return of Diadora to size? A brand steeped in history and with the premium product to match, we’re already predicting big things for these guys in 2012!


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