adidas Originals LA Trainer

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First released in 1984 for the Los Angeles Olympics, the LA Trainer, a running specific silhouette, is most recognisable by it’s midsole enclosed ‘Peg System’ which consisted of three variable-density pegs designed to allow athletes to adjust the cushioning impact of the shoe.

Released at the time as a response to Nike’s Air filled sole units, the theory behind the Peg System was simple; a different colour peg equalled a different density, the idea being that the wearer could remove and replace the plugs to customise the cushioning in the outsole. In practice the technology worked, however, it also added weight to an already heavy sole unit. Never the less, adidas continued to use the system on other hit ’80’s silhouettes like the Kegler Super & Handball 5-Plug (which as it’s name would suggest featured 5 Pegs).

A long-time favourite at size? due to it’s aggressive aesthetics, the LA Trainer has seen a number of reissues over the last 10/15 years or so (some more memorable than others) and this week sees a release in it’s original and best suede and mesh form.

Priced at £65.00, expect to see this navy blue/silver colourway alongside a black/white version at size? stores and online.


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