Look what just arrived at my desk…!

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Ok so they’re not mine; I’m only a 6.5 and these whoppers are a UK 12!, but still, I didn’t think i’d ever get to see a pair this close up.

For those of you that don’t know, you are looking at a pair of Nike MAG, as seen in Steven Spielberg’s 1989’s classic, Back To The Future 2.

First unveiled under a shroud of secrecy to a select few heads last month, the MAG was finally made available to the buy for the first time in 22 years when 1,500 pairs were auctioned off over 10 days (150 pairs per day) on with all net proceeds going to the Michael J.Fox Foundation to help fund research into the ultimate goal of a future without Parkinson’s disease. Not surprisingly, all 1,500 pairs were snapped up with one pair, the first, rumoured to have been brought by Tinie Tempah, goin for $37,500! In total just short of $5.7m was raised for the foundation with another $50m said to be being donated by Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, before the year is over.

The exact amount paid for this pair is still a little in the dark but i can guarantee they are the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever had the pleasure of holding!

A big thanks to Scozza for bringing them in and modelling them…..





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