Addict Artist Series: no.16 – Mark Ward

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The Artist Series by UK streetwear heavyweights Addict is a limited edition collection of apparel featuring artwork from some of the UK’s top street artists. Now in its 16 instalment, the autumn/winter 2011 collection has started to land at size? stores and online with standout pieces coming from London based artist, Mark Ward.


Mark Ward is an artist based in South London. His retina burning work is derived from his obsession with Americana. Raised on a diet of Saturday morning cartoons, skateboarding, BMX, and drawing, Mark has kept true to his roots soaking up every last candy wrapper and morphing it into what he describes as his surreal distorted visions.

Growing up in the South London suburbs in the late 80’s, Mark was reading every possible skate magazine he could lay his hands on. He realised that his South London environment didn’t reflect the sunny California image he was being sold in Thrasher. Rolling through puddles in Croydon just doesn’t match up to cruising along Long Beach.


Mark’s work mixes the everyday mundane with the surreal elements of the 80’s American bubble, encouraging the viewer to see things differently and look twice at their surroundings.


In this series of tees Mark has taken the icons of a sunnier climate and juxtaposed them in true Ward style with banal elements to peel back the gloss on the pop images.

Executed in bright bold colours that are unexpected on such sinister topics, and in a gritty yet still slick style that wouldn’t look out of place on that fishtail board you had as a kid…Don’t believe the hype!!

For more info on Mark’s work, check and to shop our A/W 2011 Addict collection in full, hit the link.


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