Is Question the Caterpillar Back?

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On 31 July 2009 at around 12:53 pm we brought to you, question the Caterpillar. Spotted in his natural habitat at size? HQs el fresco dining area and sporting the famous black and orange colourway synonymous with the mighty size?, is our new unofficial mascot – Question.  Check him out >> [youtube][/youtube]

A year and a few months on and a total coincidence in our anniversary year Nike bring us the “x size? Caterpillar T-Shirt” which pays homage to the size? exclusive Blazer Mid, released as part of the Nike x size? Anniversary pack. It features an orange caterpillar printed on the front looking pretty happy with himself wearing four pairs of Nike Blazers on his feet, and that all important anniversary text printed onto the back of the neck.

He’s got to be a relative of question!

Grab the tee at Size? >>

x size? Caterpillar T-Shirt

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