New Balance Flimby shoebox factory!

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Constructed to herald the imminent release of their 2011 ‘Lifestyle’ collection, the New Balance Flimby shoebox factory was unvelied at this summer’s Bread & Butter Berlin show. Catch a glimpse of the factory below and an official statement from the NB crew themselves!

“Combining classic styles with modern materials and technologies to create a product line that simultaneously reaches back over 104 years to point the way forward. We are committed to craftsmanship and our Flimby factory in the UK reflects this. That’s why innovation is a good thing; nothing is so good it can’t be made better. Our Flimby shoebox factory commemorates our core beliefs and celebrates imagination. After a few tubes of glue, blunt scalpels and paper cuts, the completed version took pride of place on the New Balance Bread & Butter Berlin show stand this month. It will now pop up across the UK on the New Balance Lifestyle retail tour with tow trucks and turret
smoke to boot.”

Exciting stuff!new-balance-flimby-factory

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