Wild in the Streets London 2010

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Sunday June 20th was a great day for skateboarding in London & Size HQ is fully behind the Wild in the Streets (WITS) London cause.

The sun was out and there was one thing in the minds of those taking part in WITS London 2010, to raise money and awareness for Southbank.

Emerica pros Braydon Szafranski, Aaron Suski and Kevin ‘Spanky’ along with Euro riders Eniz Fazliov & Ante Aiello plus UK riders Tom Knox & Chris Ault we’re all in town, not forgetting the approximately 300 kids going Wild in the Streets with them.

London’s Southbank remains one of the world’s oldest and most iconic legitimate street skate spots, with a rich legacy in skateboard culture. Through the years large parts of the area have succumbed to corporate redevelopment, leaving the skateable public area greatly reduced in size, though the skaters of the UK have actively and consistently lobbied for some official recognition and protection for the area that remains.

This video edit from Dan Magee & Mike Manzoori captures the spirit of the day and the essence of Wild in the Streets perfectly. Wild In The Streets London aims to raise money and awareness for the project to help maintain the rich history of skateboarding at Southbank and support real street skating.

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