Blokecore: from pitch to pavement

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Blokecore, although being a classic fashion style, is undoubtedly increasing in popularity, with the classic combination of vintage football jerseys, baggy jeans and low-profile trainers capturing true British culture – taking fashion from stadium to street.

Recently, this style has made the switch from being exclusive to mainly middle-aged men at football matches (hence the “bloke” in blokecore) to the fashion scene, even making its way into wardrobes of key fashion influencers like Bella Hadid. Dominating designer brands, such as Balenciaga, have even hopped on the blokecore trend with their Oversized Soccer T-shirt.

Not only is blokecore a fashion trend, it’s also a way of life originating from football hooliganism and can range from sinking pints in the local pub, listening to Oasis and The Stone Roses, to shouting insults at the ref on away day.

Blokecore is a trend for all seasons, whether it being baggy shorts and a football jersey in summer or wrapping up with oversized jumpers and jeans in the winter months. All we know, is that this timeless trend is a keeper.

This season, we’ll take you through key wardrobe staples to achieve “the casuals” aesthetic that is blokecore.

Tops: football jerseys and oversized jumpers

When dressing according to blokecore, the top is a key part of the outfit, the most popular being vintage football jerseys and oversized jumpers featuring brands like Stone Island, adidas and PUMA to name a few.

As summer rolls into autumn and winter, jerseys are swapped out for sweatshirts, showing that this iconic fashion trend is truly versatile. Blokecore is not only for men, but girls as well, proven by influencers like Olivia O’Neill and Bella Hadid, sometimes even styling a blokecore top with items like miniskirts and heels.

Bottoms: baggy jeans and shorts

The crossover of sportswear with comfort comes in with the bottoms, and most often the tops are paired with 90’s style baggy denim jeans or shorts, one popular brand being Levi’s. Here are a few options to keep the ball rolling with your blokecore outfit.

Shoes: low-profile trainers

The trainers seen to be dominating the blokecore trend are undoubtedly adidas, specifically terrace styles like Sambas, Gazelles and Spezials – the low-profile silhouettes with the iconic 3-Stripes, available in a multitude of colours giving you the opportunity to represent your team with blokecore styling. This iconic style of trainers, with a T-toe and gum sole, are definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.

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